Features  & Facts:

Majority of Canadians are facing several economic & socio-economic issues that lead to more debts and eventually become insolvent such as:

  • Slow Local and/or National Economic Growth.
  • Business Loss.
  • Low Income/Revenue.
  • No Assets or Savings.
  • Rising Cost of Living and Inflation.
  • Unemployment / Disability.
  • High Interest Rates on Loans & Credit Cards.

Here are some facts by Statistics Canada:

  • Consumer Price Index (CPI); which reflects the cost of living in Canada is 140 times higher in year 2018 compare to year 2000 (over 18 years).
  • Canadian household debt-to-income ratio is around 177 per cent of disposable income in 2019. This means; the average Canadian owes about $1.77 for every dollar of income he or she earns per year, after taxes.
  • Over 90% of Canadians within age group 55 to 65 become insolvent (i.e. accumulated debt per person is over $1000).
  • In year 2017; there were total of 60,669 bankruptcy cases across Canada, and 15,968 cases in Ontario alone.
  • One in every six Canadians files bankruptcy.

Our professional licensed team is always ready to provide you with a wide range of counseling services and legal solutions to solve your debt problems; such as:

  • Debt Consolidation and Equity Loans.
  • Budgeting and Strategic Credit Management.
  • Consumer Proposal or Debt Settlement (unsecured debts between $1000 – $250,000).
  • Division I  Proposal (unsecured debts > $250,000).
  • Consumer and Business Bankruptcy.
  • Credit Repair.

Not  dischargeable  debts:

  • Court Fines,
  • Family Support Arrears,
  • Personal & Fraud Debts,
  • Student Loans: if the insolvent does not meet OSAP Regulations.
  • Owing Balance to Canada Revenue Agency; if the insolvent does not meet CRA Regulations.

We can CLEAR up to 70% of debts in Consumer Proposal, and 100% in Bankruptcy; based on insolvent’s situation and net worth.

We always work closely with our clients (debtors) to serve their interests and to protect their assets should exist.