Who We Are:

Wizeman Financial Solutions is a professional financial consulting agency in insolvency, insurance and mortgage fields. Our financial advisors and specialists are professionally licensed in Ontario, and committed to:

  • Provide effective strategies and solutions to manage your insolvency situation with minimum negative impacts on case owners.

  • Provide quality insurance products that meet your needs; and to ensure that you build up a strong financial foundation.

  • Help clients to get the best mortgages and small business loans.

Our Mission:

We aim and committed to work hard and professionally to be a Business Leader with Exceptional Performance and Quality Service in Insolvency, Insurance and Mortgage fields.

Why Choose Us:

  • We are one stop solutions provider for individuals, families and owners of small businesses whom are experiencing issues in insolvency, insurance and mortgage fields.

  • We educate, offer superior service and provide accurate information and solutions.

  • We operate professionally with confidence, transparency and integrity.

  • We serve our clients ethically and honesty, and we utilize state of art technology tools to deliver an exceptional and constructive client experience.